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Youth Photography Program North of Boston

  • One student blows colored flour during a fun shutter speed project!
  • A big splash during the egg drop shutter speed project!
  • Some fun moments during a photo shoot at the end of the week!
  • A Sunprint creates a beautiful work of art.

Whether you're joining us for our Afterschool Photo Club, a vacation week or summer session, at THEIA Youth Photography Program our goal is to deliver a photo-based art education program in a fun, inspiring and energetic format. We believe that “learning by doing” as well as moving the mind and body makes a more lasting imprint. We also believe that fostering kids creativity builds self-awareness and confidence.

Children will be guided by experienced photographers/educators through fun, hands-on projects designed to engage and motivate while learning the basics of photography. Students learn the ever-lasting skill of image making as well as effective techniques to artistically express themselves. Classes typically have a 5:1 student/teacher ratio and in some cases, even lower. We feel keeping our groups smaller allows for more individual attention and cultivates stronger group participation.

During the summer, each week features a different format, building additional skills through fun projects and hands-on participation.

We also offer the THEIA Explorers Club: Photo Walk Friday (& picnic) which is optional and can be added on to any program week or taken as a stand-alone. During these walks, we will have fun shooting while exploring the world around us.

Wrapping inspiration around learning is the culture at THEIA. What emerges from our approach is an exciting exploration of individual creativity and self-expression through art. We encourage you to give us a call or stop by to find out what makes our program so unique!


What you need to know:

  • All ages are welcome! Groups will be set according to age & knowledge level once session begins.
  • Children will be expected to bring their own cameras. This can be a DSLR, point-and-shoot, phone or tablet.
  • Children will be expected to bring a bag lunch. Snacks & water will be provided.
  • A Safety and Medical Questionnaire is required for each child attending. If you do not receive a registration notification with a link, one can be downloaded by clicking here.







 All Ages (8 yrs – 15 yrs) *
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Monday – Thursday (Optional Fridays)

* more detail below…




Summer Vacation: Basic Photography & Composition

We will be focus on the basics of photography, learning to “see” light and how it affects our surroundings as well as “seeing through the lens.” Every child will receive a PhotoFX Kit that includes fun, hands-on projects to teach the basics of photography and composition. Through these activities we will learn camera operations and composition guidelines that unlock the ability to capture the image you've imagined. We will also begin the important journey of exploring your individual creativity and how it is completely unique from one another.

Broad strokes of what we’ll be doing:

  • Understanding light and what it actually is by shooting through prisms.
  • Understanding light and it's affects by making Sun Prints.
  • Learning early composition techniques through a team Photo Scavenger Hunt.
  • Learning how to manipulate exposure & composition using quick functions on the camera (Aperture & Shutter Priority).
  • Learning to “Pre-Visualize” the composition.

THEIA Explorers Club: Photo Adventure Fridays!

Our Photo Adventure Fridays are separate from the structured weekly programs and can be enjoyed by anyone. You don't have to be enrolled in any weekly program to sign up. If you are enrolled in a weekly program, simply add this on to your selection when registering.

Guided by multiple instructors, each Friday we will meet at a specified location (local) and explore the area exclusively. We will review and “lightly” instruct on basic photography, videography & composition. This experience is less about verbal instruction and more about the opportunity to get out in nature, “see what we can see” with our cameras, and engage with the world around us. 

We will provide light snacks and water during our walk. At the conclusion, we will rest and enjoy a boxed lunch* and casual conversation. 

Pick up will be at the specified location.

* For the safety of your child, if food allergies exist we ask that you provide your own lunch & snacks. 

Summer Schedule & Registration

Beginning July 10 – August 24
Weekly Sessions, Monday–Thursday


Session-1show details + $179.00 (USD)  
Session-2show details + $179.00 (USD)  
Session-3show details + $179.00 (USD)  
Session-4show details + $179.00 (USD)  


Session-5show details + $179.00 (USD)  
Session-6show details + $179.00 (USD)  
Session-7show details + $179.00 (USD)  

Prices Reduced…

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(Basic I, II & III  • Creative BW II • Intro to Flash • Intro to Studio Lighting • Portrait Lighting •  Lightroom 101)

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