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Karl Jacobson
2015/16 [APP] Grad
Michael O'Leary
2015/16 [APP] Grad
Caroline Minneci
Current [APP] Program
Marielle Zwerink
2015/16 [APP] Grad
Karl Jacobson
2015/16 [APP] Grad
Brian Humbert
Current [APP] Program
Gary Fournier
[APP] 2015/16
Andy Kramer
2015/16 [APP] Grad
Andy Kramer
[APP] 2015/16 Grad
Diane Bowles
2015/16 [APP] Grad
Caroline Minechi
Current [APP] Program
Helen Cogan
[APP] Current Student
Diane Bowles
2015/16 [APP] Grad
Kristen Tortora
2015/16 [APP] Grad

[APP]  Applied Photography Program

A 12 month pathway to excellence

Hear What Our Students Have to Say!

Our Applied Photography Program is a comprehensive, yet manageable, 12-month pathway of learning that ensures you receive all the right information, at the right time. This pathway is built on relevant information that you can start using after your first class. Developed and taught by industry professionals who have lived through the challenges that each genre brings, you’ll receive a superior level of education and valuable insights on how to navigate the creative and technical aspects of being a top-notch photographer. This approach, along with in-class shooting time are cornerstones of our teaching philosophy.

You will progress through a series of modules, each designed to add layers of knowledge so that you emerge with a refinement of skills to achieve advanced standards of camera operations, natural and studio lighting, flash photography, posing, image capture, editing, workflow and more. At the completion the program, you will have your portfolio reviewed by all of your instructors providing you with invaluable input on your body of work.

You'll not only have achieved a level of creativity that you never thought possible, you'll also possess a clear definition of yourself as an artist and the confidence to take your photography skills anywhere you want to go.

See an overview of the program below and request your free brochure for a more in-depth look at the classes within each module.


Overview of Program —

Camera & Exposure Foundation
We begin with the basics to build a strong and solid understanding of your camera as a tool and of you as the master craftsman. The basic functions of the camera are explored extensively while your eyes are opened to study the light around you in a more significant way.
Digital Editing Foundation
Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are taught exclusively as the gold standards of image editing.
Within this module, you will continue your exploration of light, the effects of different types and temperatures and how to use it to your advantage. You will work with natural and supplemental light, learn when to choose one versus the other and when to blend them.
This module begins your advanced skill building. In photography, technique is the key to individuality. It is what creates signature styles and separates one photographer from another. There are many tips and tricks, angles, equipment choices and nuances that help to create overall better images.
In this final module, you will present a printed and web gallery which will be critiqued by all of your instructors. This valuable insight and thoughtful advice is worth it’s weight in gold given today’s “trending” outlook on photography. They will guide you to a cohesive body of work that will stand the test of time.

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A Talk with Jodi Feil, Co-Owner and Academic Director…

TS: Why was this program so important for you to develop?

Jodi: I knew we would do it the way it should be done. The idea of the program itself came from my own education and what information I actually ended up using. I knew with my experience, both as a professional photographer and an educator, that I could create a high end, comprehensive pathway of classes but in a concise format. I see lots of classes available that I know are generating huge gaps in the knowledge base. I wanted our program to deliver a deep, thorough understanding but in a pragmatic way.


TS: What makes THEIA's [APP] so different from other photography programs?

Jodi: The way we fit all the elements together – from the topics covered in each course, to who teaches them and when in the program new concepts are introduced. We've taken this enormous concept and broken it down into simple steps. My saying is “we eat an elephant one bite at a time.”

We have very experienced instructors that are committed to sharing their knowledge. We design classes that cover a lot of ground but at a digestable pace and we shoot, shoot, shoot! Most classes have shooting time built into the format.

Plus, there aren't that many programs available that are as flexible and cost-effective as ours. It's a 12-month, part-time avocational program designed to fit into a busy lifestyle. It's not a 2-year or 4-year commitment.


TS: Why not just do it online, and/or at your own pace?

Jodi: Online learning is a wonderful option for those studies that are more lecture based. Photography is very tactile and needs to be “experienced.” Even though we begin in the classroom most of the time, we end up in the studio practicing whatever topic was covered. That's when the true understanding comes.

Beyond that basic piece is what you get from your peers. Encouragement, perspective, friendship, an instructor at your shoulder coaching you…it all works together to make a much more vibrant learning atmosphere.

And, if it were me, I would need a scheduled time away from the house (and kids) to really concentrate and not be distracted!