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Our Mission


Inspiration is everywhere. At THEIA Studios, we strive to help you unlock your full creative potential with our comprehensive photography courses that can be found in the following modules:

Foundation, Creative, Masters, Editing, and Lighting.

We offer a full spectrum of classes dedicated to learning photography, from introductory to advanced levels.

At THEIA, you’ll enjoy a high-caliber education experience in an engaging, dynamic environment. Our robust curriculum features classroom and studio instruction at our state-of-the-art studio campus in North Andover, Massachusetts.

Our innovative approach to imaging arts education offers an enriching experience for creative learners at every level.


Great imagery is making the ordinary, extraordinary.


Our Name

In the legends of Greek mythology, THEIA was known as the goddess of sight and shining light as well as mother to the gods of the dawn, sun and moon. Who better to embody the mission of a center of learning dedicated to using light to capture the world around us through the lens? To us, THEIA represents the ability to illuminate and enlighten, and the power to guide creativity and vision into unique expressions of art.


Who Are Our Students?

  • The retiree who wants to take fantastic pictures on his once-in-a-lifetime trip to Europe.
  • The stay-at-home mom or dad who wants to chronicle their child’s milestones and everyday achievements.
  • The aspiring food or fashion photographer who wants to know the best way to work with light.
  • The experienced SLR photographer who recently switched to digital and wants to learn how to edit her photos.
  • The wedding photographer who wants to shift the focus of his business to children and pet portraits.
  • The photo journalist who wants to implement new techniques and technologies to tell a more thought-provoking story with her work.
  • The in-demand freelance videographer who wants to start his own wedding video business.
  • The young adult who wants to learn the basic elements of photography.

No matter why they come to THEIA Studios, our students are passionate about photography and videography and making the most of the moments they capture.  Adults of all ages and occupations come to us every day to learn a new skill, improve an existing one, or explore a new avenue or career path.

For kids ages  8 to 18, we offer Camp THEIA, an innovative art education program with an exciting, hands-on approach to learning photography and videography.



Jodi Feil, Co-Founder

Theia’s founding partners, Jodi Feil and Lori Muller, offer a wealth of experience to students of every level. With a broad spectrum of expertise, ranging from artistic and technical experience to studio and business management, their combined experience gives them a unique, 360-degree perspective of the imaging arts field. They created Theia Studios to give their students a comprehensive, well-rounded education that combines instruction in the creative disciplines with knowledge of valuable industry management skills.

Jodi brings over two decades of experience as a professional photographer, graphic designer and educator to Theia Studios, offering an integrated creative and academic background. In addition, her experience in the publishing industry as a magazine editor, art director and photo editor gives Jodi exceptional insight into the use of photography in both traditional and online media.

Jodi has attended the New England School of Photography and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts as well as Northern Essex Community College, where she has also taught photography and business courses. Her vast photography experience includes studio and portrait work and wedding and event photography, as well as managing on-location photo shoots for wedding and décor magazines.

As a college photography instructor, Jodi saw that there was a need in the industry for a comprehensive curriculum that would address the entire scope of photographic arts skills and techniques in depth – from the fundamentals of traditional photography to digital image editing, videography skills and beyond – and that sparked the idea for Theia.

“The imaging arts are all about the unique observations and perceptions of our surroundings and how we communicate these sentiments to the viewer. At Theia, we not only focus on the foundations of shooting, lighting and processing techniques, but give the student an in-depth knowledge of industry best practices and cutting-edge software tools to complement those skills, so they know how to optimize their images for any type of application, whether personal or professional.”


Lori Muller, Co-Founder

With a diverse professional background that encompasses business management, finance, technology and innovation, Lori brings a multi-dimensional skillset to Theia Studios. A decade as a system and network administrator in the financial industry in her early career provided her with the impressive business acumen and extensive knowledge of infrastructure and technology that serves as an ideal foundation for her role in managing operations at Theia. In addition, she is a skilled photographer, video editor and web designer-developer.

Lori holds a BS in Business from Roger Williams University and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Multimedia from Harvard University. She studied photography at Northern Essex Community College.

A former entrepreneur herself, Lori views Theia Studios as an especially valuable resource for photographers who want to take that first step and venture out on their own, whether as a freelancer or independent studio.

“For many photographers and videographers, making the transition from artist to entrepreneur is difficult. There are so many aspects involved in running your own studio, from workflow management to marketing, social media, accounting and beyond. At Theia, we provide our students with a strong core business curriculum focused on studio management so they can turn their passion into their livelihood.”